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General Rules
  • Registration should be done to become a library member prior to using the library resources
  • Using Mobile phones and audio instruments with or without speaker or headphone is strictly prohibited in the library premises
  • The librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately
  • Library borrower cards are not transferable
  • The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card
  • Refreshment of any kind shall not be taken any where in the library premises
Admission to Library
  • The students are instructed to receive library cards on production of their Identity Card and/or admission slip/fees deposit challan. Two cards are issued to them i.e. Lending Card and Reading Room Use Card
Circulation Issue System
  • Books will be issued on presentation of the library card. Students are instructed to check the books while borrowing and they will be responsible for any type of damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return
Overdue Charges
  • Materials borrowed should be returned on or before the due date. If returned late overdue fine will be charged for the delayed period
Book Lost
  • If the books are lost, Then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay double cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian
Care of library borrower cards
  • Take special care to maintain the library borrower cards. Do not fold, alter entries made on the cards. Members are responsible for the entire set of library borrower card issued to them
Loss of cards
  • Loss of borrower card should be reported to the librarian. Duplicate card may be issued against formal application and fine
Validity of cards
  • Library Lending Cards and Reading Cards are valid for current academic year to access library facilities
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